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I sell various products, including beadwork, ribbon skirts, ribbon shirts and face masks. My beadwork is made with seed beads, cut beads and tri-cut beads and the material is hand tanned smoked hide. The ribbon skirts are made with 100% cotton material, satin, silk and polyester, with satin ribbon and bias. The face masks are made with 100% cotton material, polyester and silk, ribbon and elastic.

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Rebekah Jarvey
(406) 390-6575

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Rebekah "Carries Sweet Grass Women" Jarvey is a Chippewa, Cree and Blackfeet self-proclaimed Indigenous Fashionista from Rocky Boy, Montana. She is fourth generation beader and sewer with a foundation of her traditional tribal heritage and today's fashion. She combines Indigenous Style with modern urban touch to authentic handmade masks and Ribbon Skirts. She believes it's her responsibility to make sure the collector is looking stylish with culture.

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