One of a Kind Canes and Walking Sticks

Product Description

We make Diamond Willow Canes and Walking Sticks. The wood is found all over Montana. We hand-pick and craft each cane and stick that we make.

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Raven Volkomener
(406) 561-4251

Info about this business

We are a very small start-up company in Billings, Montana. We make canes and walking sticks made of Diamond Willow, which we find all over Montana's Big Sky Country. There are over a hundred different species of Willow; only seven of those being Diamond Willow. We use this kind of wood because it is a very sturdy hardwood (for durability); and also because it has diamond-shaped ligatures (which add character and design). We invite you to visit our website at to browse and shop today!

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Lumber / Wood
Sporting Goods / Recreation

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