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We are certified organic lavender growers and producers. Our products include %100 pure organic lavender oil, hydrosol, lavender sachets, culinary lavender products, to include: spices, tea and honey, (HBA) lavender sugar facial and lip scrubs, lavender bath aides, lavender associated photographs and lavender pet products. Our lavender oil, hydrosol, and buds are USDA certified organic . Ancillary products produced are made with certified organic and natural products only

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Justine Pearson
Michelene Lee
Street Address:
970 S shoshone Lp
(406) 830-4069

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Started in 2016, in the Bitterroot Valley, Lavender With Love is a family owned and operated venture. As an organically certified grower and producer, our carefully chosen plants are cared for and harvested by hand, with pride. Using a steam distillation process, our oils and hydrosols are produced on-site, under the USDA organic guidelines. Our Goal at Lavender With Love is to provide you, our customer, with high quality organic lavender products.

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