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Ranch raised dry aged beef both grass fed and grass fed and grain finished all on our Ranch in the heart of Montana. Shipped nationwide to your door. - Beef shares 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or a whole beef - Assorted beef boxes with a selection of cuts - Ground beef by the pound

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Kate and Scott Jenni
(406) 350-3164

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Big Sky Beef is a family owned and operated business shipping high quality beef from our fields to your family. Our cattle are humanely ranch raised in the heart of Montana with the utmost care. They never see a feed lot and are taken in small loads straight from our ranch to a USDA inspected Montana slaughterhouse. We produce grass fed and either grass or grain finished beef, that is dry aged and sustainably shipped nation wide straight to your door. Our family has been raising cattle in Central Montana for five generations and our mission is to provide delicious meat, while at the same time making sure you know exactly where your beef comes from, how it is treated and who is raising it.

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