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1. Therapeutic Spray and Massage Oil- Are branded under our Big Sky Aloha brand we use Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil from the Big Island of Hawaii in these products. We use Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil and hemp extract. The hemp that we use is grown in Whitehall Montana. 2. Sleeping Pill – This is our proprietary formulation branded under our Natures Sleep brand. It is 100% plant-based and natural and works “naturally” with your body to get to rest and stay at rest. 3. Honey Stix – We make your honey sticks with honey from Montana and add full-spectrum hemp extract from hemp that is grown in Whitehall Montana.

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Larry Harmon
Street Address:
512 E. Madison Bldg A. Suite 4
Mailing Address:
512 E. Madison Bldg A. Suite 4
(406) 692-2231

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We are proud to say that we are a Gallatin County-based company and all of our products are developed and produced in our world-class facility located in Belgrade by the airport. We pride ourselves as being “Montana Made” and always over-deliver on promised results on each batch of products we make. Every batch we make is also supported by independent testing lab results. Our Mission is to provide leading-edge Hemp Extract products that provide an alternative to prescription drugs. Our products deliver a precise dose with every use.

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