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Handmade soaps - all of our products are handmade in MT, a couple are made with local foraged goods Camp Woody Bottom - made with foraged juniper berries, cotton wood bark and buds Earth Witch - made with foraged wormwood Wake the F Up - made with coffee beans from Old Bridge Roastery Oatmeal Homey - using honey from Yursa Farms Nag Champa and spent grains - using spent grain from Golden Triangle Brewery Winter Solstice - rosehip oil Cottonwood & rose hip salve - made with foraged cottonwood and rose hip, hemp oil Beard Balm - includes hemp oil

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Jayna Romine
Stacia Fuzesy
(217) 259-3544

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We are a small batch soap company in Fort Benton, MT. What started as a hobby to relax has slowly turned into a successful business. We keep everything as local as possible, forage as much as we can for our own ingredients and give back to the community whenever we can. Our soaps are super fun, have interesting ingredients, quirky are guaranteed to find something you love!

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Personal Care / Cosmetics

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  • My showroom, Golden Triangle Brewery, at
    1500 Front Street
    FORT BENTON, MT 59442