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BLD Farms raises a variety of fruits and vegetables, which are sold at local markets and businesses.

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Bradley Dunn-meier
Street Address:
615 Waterfront Rd
TROY, MT 59935
(406) 359-6110

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BLD Farms was created in August of 2016. Located along the beautiful Kootenai River NW of Troy, proprietors Bradley and Loretta Dunn-meier have transformed a one acre property into a thriving garden and small orchard. Bradley and Loretta are originally from central Montana where they grew up working on their parents’ wheat farms and gardens. After retiring from teaching, Bradley decided he wanted to continue the family tradition of “farming” so they moved to Troy and found a suitable piece of land to fulfill their dream. BLD Farms is using the “less-till” approach to gardening, using mulch and wood chips to add nutrients to the soil and keep the soil moist for growing crops. No-till farming is becoming a popular technique for smaller gardens. The technique allows the soil to keep its natural composition of nutrients and fungus necessary for optimum health. Weeding is also a breeze since most weeds do not penetrate the layer of mulch and chips and makes pulling the entire root system out with ease. BLD Farms uses no herbicides. Natural predators such as nematodes have been added to the soil as well as Mycelium, a natural fungus found is healthy, undisturbed soil. If a pesticide is used, natural agents are used to combat the insects. Neem oil is a natural agent approved for use on organic gardens. BLD farms produces their own compost and uses it to add nutrients to the soil during plant production and in the off-season. While we are not “certified organic”, we are using the same techniques and recommendations for organic production. BLD Farms welcomes visitors to their farm. But if you cannot visit, you can find their products at the Farmers Markets in Troy and Libby. They offer free delivery for those who cannot visit the farm or markets.

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