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Local Montana 1/3 lb beef burger patties, Wheat Montana bread and flour products, Lifeline cheese, Local Montana beef steak,

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Rebecca Roberts
Wendy Brandmeyer
Street Address:
7060 Us hwy 93 S
SULA, MT 59871
Mailing Address:
7060 Us hwy 93 S
SULA, MT 59871
(406) 821-3364

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Camp Sula Kitchen is a small kitchen where we take pride to know our customers and give them an "at home" dining experience. We are located in the back part of Camp Sula and are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We use a variety of different local ingredients, including local beef that we use for our burger patties and we also use local steaks for our dinner service. After you have enjoyed a filling meal, feel free to walk around our campground and check out our pond or the East-Fork of the Bitterroot river which is right out our back door. To the South of our building there is a Lewis and Clark informational section where you can learn about Ross's Hole, Lewis and Clark, and Sula. Since we have limited seating we hope you'll call us for our kitchen hours of operation. We can be reached at 406-821-3364

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