Upper Canyon Outfitters

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-Wilcoxson's Ice Cream-Huckleberry, vanilla -Western Meat Block-Butte, MT- All of our meat comes from here (steak, chicken, sausage, beef roast) -We raise our own pigs-two at a time -We have chickens and use their eggs -Willie's Distillery- maple syrup and vodka and whiskey -Pasta from Montana Pasta-Great Falls, MT -Coffee-Rocky Mountain Roasting Company-they make a special blend for us -Tea-Montana Tea & Spice Trading, LLC -Beer-From multiple breweries in MT

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Donna McDonald
Cassie Ubaldo
Street Address:
#6 Tates upper canyon Loop
ALDER, MT 59710
Mailing Address:
P.O Box 109
ALDER, MT 59710
(406) 842-5884

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Upper Canyon Outfitters is a family-owned and operated ranch in Montana’s wild and beautiful Ruby Valley along the banks of the Ruby River. Surrounded by the ranges of the Snowcrest, Greenhorn, and Gravelly Mountains, our family has been exploring these lands since our grandfather homesteaded here in 1910. Since 1981, we’ve been proud to welcome guests to our ranch and share the lands we call home. We hope you’ll come and join us for some authentic western hospitality, unforgettable scenery, and comfortable accommodations when you’re planning your fly fishing, hunting, riding or exploring Montana adventure.

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