Bent Tree Enterprises

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I use trees from the Helena area and repurpose them into high quality live edge tables, countertops, river tables, works of art and more.

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Steve Cahill
Street Address:
3260 Terrace Ave
HELENA, MT 59602
Mailing Address:
3260 Terrace Ave
HELENA, MT 59602
(140) 643-1806

Info about this business

Bent Tree Enterprises consists of two parts: construction (building houses, remodels, roofing), and the woodworking side. On the woodworking side, I use repurposed trees, cut them, and make very high quality tables, countertops, river tables, and various works of art. I have over 100 logs where clients can choose a particular slice from a particular log. Clients are encouraged to participate in each stage of the process as much as they wish: from choosing the log, slice, size, thickness, shape, finish, color of epoxy, placing objects into the epoxy. . . I also have about 10 tables / products currently for sale. They range in price from $300 to $30,000.

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Visual Arts

These product are sold

  • My showroom, Steve Cahill, at
    3260 Terrace Ave
    HELENA, MT 59602
  • My showroom, Bent Tree Enterprises, at
    714 Chestnut
    HELENA, MT 59601