Aspen Grove Farm

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Fresh berries, fruits, and specialty jams and syrups

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Melissa Allred
Street Address:
1276 Leona Lane
Mailing Address:
PO Xox 410044
(406) 360-5389

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Nestled in the foothills of the Bitterroot mountains in Western Montana, our small farm is home to a whole passel of kids and pets. We are passionate about berries and all things fruit.Our specialty crop is honeyberries (aka haskaps). Our jams and syrups are all prepared in small batches that preserves the freshness and homemade feel of our products. And every jar is filled with love. I hope when you open a jar it brings you back to your childhood and that feeling of home and belonging. And I hope when you taste it you will experience a touch of Montana in every bite.

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Food & Beverage
Garden & Landscaping
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These product are sold

  • Online at
  • At Hamilton Farmer's Market in Hamilton
  • At Hamilton's Market Place IGA in Hamilton
  • At Healthcare Providers Pharmacy in Hamilton
  • At The Stone Cottage in Hamilton
  • At Red Rooster Artisan Kitchen in Hamilton