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Aspen Grove Farm

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Fresh berries, fruits, and specialty jams and syrups

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Melissa Allred
Street Address:
400 Quast Lane
Mailing Address:
PO Box 32
(406) 360-5389

Info about this business

Aspen Grove Farm began in a home garden and a home kitchen. A few zucchinis and some jars of jam were the beginnings of the first table at the Farmer’s Market. The farm story is a tale of inspiring miracles and a community of people coming together to make the impossible, possible. Today we grow five acres of honeyberries and an acre of mixed berries. The farm is currently one of the few that does not just grow berries, but produces value added products with the harvest in our gourmet jams and syrups. Aspen Grove Farm takes great care to be sure our customers receive a premium product. We have a specialized irrigation/fertigation drip system that allows us to water and feed precisely to the need of each berry type without EVER spraying the fruit. Fences and nets keep out the deer and birds so that most of the berries can be consumed by people, not critters. We hope you will try this special Sweet Treat of the Bitterroot!

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Food & Beverage
Garden & Landscaping
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These product are sold

  • Online at
  • At Hamilton Farmer's Market in Hamilton
  • At Hamilton's Market Place IGA in Hamilton
  • At Healthcare Providers Pharmacy in Hamilton
  • At Red Rooster Artisan Kitchen in Hamilton
  • At Mangan Ranch Farmstand in Missoula