Carol's Cottage Shops dba Life Earth and Oils

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Soap, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, body butters, lotions, bath bombs, lip balms Candles Tea and Spices - Coming Soon!

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Carol Kenyon
Street Address:
115 Hellgate Drive
(702) 245-1597

Info about this business

We love the Big Sky state so it is only right that we made our business here in Montana. The wide open spaces, beautiful scenes of mountains and fores, streams and lakes, remind us to enjoy Life, enjoy the beauty of Earth, and use Oils for relaxation. Thus Life, Earth, and Oils came about. Enjoy our many products with more to come.

Product Categories

Accessories / Jewelry
Food & Beverage
Personal Care / Cosmetics

These product are sold

  • Online at
  • My showroom, Life Earth and Oils, at
    345 W. Front Street
    MISSOULA, MT 59802