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Coffee roasted in-house Whole wheat flour grown locally Montana pork purchased locally Chicken on dinner menu from Montana Eggs from Huetterite Colonies Montana honey Produce sourced locally when in season. Serving organic nut milks, spinach and more.

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Amanda Bedford
Street Address:
1500 Front Street
(406) 622-5400

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Wake Cup Coffee House is a full restaurant that offers a welcoming and unique environment along with quality baked goods, home made meals, beer, wine and specialty beverages. Our goal at Wake Cup is to make each customer feel completely welcome and appreciated and leave feeling fully satisfied. In order to accomplish this, we strive to hire helpful, efficient, and friendly staff and keep quality and consistency our top priorities.

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Beer, Wine, & Spirits
Food & Beverage
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  • My showroom, Wake Cup Coffee House, at
    1500 Front Street
    FORT BENTON, MT 59442