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Bison Horn Spoons, Ladles, Drinking horns Horn and bone functional art Horn, bead, seed, and Elk tooth Jewelry Bison Horn Sculpture Brain-tanned, beaded, bison tail wall hangings Paintings

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Maria Falbo
(406) 479-3113

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A combination of old habits, old tools, and modern hand tools are used to carve and create simple and elegant spoons, ladles, and other objects from MT bison horn. The bison horn, hide, bone, teeth, sinew, hooves, claws, feathers, plants, wood, beads, metal, stones, and pigments are collected from adventures in Montana. Much of my work is inspired by Montana’s rich material culture (Native American, fur trade, and mining) of the 19th and early 20th century. Carving themes are often related to birds, grasses, and history. Custom requests are encouraged!

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Accessories / Jewelry
Home Décor
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These product are sold

  • At Blue Moon Trading Post in Divide
  • At Butte Farmer's Market in Butte