Creekside Studios aka Cabin by the Creek

Product Description

fine jewelry Viking style jewelry Chain mailed jewelry EcoJewelry 1 yr air fresheners Laundry soap Food vendor: Caramel Apple slices Caramel Cherries Flathead cherry Italian Soda Other products will be added periodically as that are developed.

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Marilyn Sisler
(406) 242-0084

Info about this business

I make jewelry. Some of it can be considered ‘fashion’ jewelry as the metals used are stainless steel, copper & brass. However, the stones used are primarily natural semi-precious stones, with a smattering of Swarovski crystal, antique glass or ceramic. I will be transitioning back into precious metals in the coming year, once my shop is completed. I also make homemade laundry soap, long lasting air fresheners, lollipops (made with flavors from Montana grown produce). My seasonal food booth features Italian soda using Flathead cherries grown by a local orchard, Gateway Orchards. Coming soon.....non-GMO kettle corn from all natural ingredients. Look for packages in Montana retail outlets as well as fresh at events.

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Accessories / Jewelry
Food & Beverage
Garden & Landscaping