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The Double K Ranch was established in 1985 and founded on respect for the land and the love of a great steak. This along with the desire to teach our children where their food came from is what drives us to produce the highest quality beef that is ethically and sustainably raised. Our Angus beef is all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free. The cows are bred, born and raised on our ranch and grass-fed or corn finished with the highest quality grain. Aged in our coolers for a minimum of 30 days . We offer high-quality sustainable meats, from steaks and ground chuck to sausage and pastrami. And now, through Fifth Season Montana, we are excited to be the only curing shop in the state producing old-style Charcuterie meats including Salumi, Bresaola, Pancetta, Coppa and more, all made by hand. Our dream has always been to provide healthy and delicious food for our friends and family. So please come visit us in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley and you too can see where your meat comes from.

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Dillon Kouf
Street Address:
3096 KK ranch road
DARBY, MT 59829
(406) 802-4372

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Choosing your food based on seasonality is a long-practiced and sustainable way to eat. There is a harmony with the cycles of nature and a resonance with the land that comes forward. The four seasons of eating provide us with all that we need to nourish and sustain our beings. But our ancestors also understood that with the foods we loved most in one season, we could extend their longevity into the other seasons as well. Fifth Season Montana was founded on this idea. Using old techniques and locally sourced ingredients, we strive to create the highest quality cured meats. Extending the shelf life of meat from days, and increasing it to months, we are extending the four seasons to include a Fifth Season, so the meat harvested in spring can still be enjoyed in winter, and the game hunted in fall can be enjoyed in summer. It is the Fifth Season that has transformed the way we eat, and, it is this transformation that we celebrate and bring to you with, FIFTH SEASON MONTANA.

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