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I make a variety of herbal products to help with different issues. I have salves to help heal cracked, dry skin; salves to ease inflammation and pain; salves to help with eczema, and more. I also make body care items like healing lip balms, luxurious whipped body butters, natural deodorants, body scrubs, essential oil blends, etc.. I will soon be providing an assortment of herbal teas as well.

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Andrea Buchanan
Street Address:
212 Main Street
(406) 544-2563

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Cedar and Sage Herbal Medicine is here to provide a safe, natural way to help the body back to wellness. We use the healing power of plants and herbs in a variety of ways to help you on your journey to health. We offer an array of body care products, from healing and nourishing salves and oils to luscious lip balms and body butters- all infused with beneficial herbs. We also provide consultations to those who would like to find wellness from the root of the problem up. Your journey to natural health and wellness starts here! *Note, herbal medicine is not intended to replace going to your health practitioner. It can, however, be a helpful way toward wellness alongside any health care plans you may already have*

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Herbal Teas
Personal Care / Cosmetics

These product are sold

  • My showroom, Headwaters Wellness Center, at
    212 Main Street
  • My showroom, Tipi Rock Yoga and Massage, at
    3972 Highway 93
  • My showroom, Kore Beauty + Body, at
    125 West Main Street, Suite C
    MISSOULA, MT 59801