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Knuckle Biscuits are a line of dog treats made from spent barley grain and wholesome ingredients. They are oven baked and sold as an all-natural treat for pets. The brewers spent grain is locally sourced from Busted Knuckle Brewery, LLC in Glasgow, MT. This product does not contain alcohol, hops, artificial coloring, additives or preservatives.

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Tisa Seiler
Street Address:
215 Skylark Rd
(406) 390-3710

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Knuckle Biscuits utilizes a “reduce, reuse and recycle” philosophy by using spent barley grain as the main ingredient, as well as limited packaging. Brewers spent grain, which is considered by many to be a waste product, is now providing a healthy, tasty treat for your pets! Come to Busted Knuckle Brew Pub in Glasgow, MT buy treats in one of our refillable treat canisters or get them in a biodegradable bag to go!

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Animal / Pet Products

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  • At Busted Knuckle Brew Pub in Glasgow