MOO'N Photography

Product Description

Photography of Montana scenes. Wooden round birch ornaments. Round birch magnets. Embellished keychains. Montana Christmas Children’s book, written, published ,and illustrated in Kalispell, MT. Wooden frames embellished in Kila,MT. Lanterns embellished in MT. Birch hand cut candleholders. Rock lazy Susan’s from rocks that have fallen from Rocky Mnts. Magnets made from MT river rocks. Homemade doggie cookies. Assorted galvanized ornaments. Handmade, reusable hand warmers.

Contact Info

Mimi O’Neill
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 854
KILA, MT 59920
(406) 752-0774

Info about this business

I am a photographer that does not alter any of my photographs which I print on many mediums, including but not limited to, metal, canvas, glass, and wood. My approach to photography is simple... I don’t alter anything so you are seeing exactly what I see through my lens when I am out in the field taking the shots. I also make many items from wood that I cut, dry, and hand paint on. Thank you, Mimi O. O’Neill

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Books & Magazines
Cards / Stationery / Pens
Lumber / Wood

These product are sold

  • At Paint, Metal , and Mud Gallery in Kalispell, MT
  • At Montana Marie in Kalispell, MT