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Buck N' Dave's Eggs is in the process of producing USDA cage free, pasture raised chicken eggs in Corvallis, Montana. We will sell eggs that are brown in color and X-Large in size that will be layed by cage free Rhode Island Red chickens. We will sell them as 12, 18, and case (48) to consumers such as grocery stores, markets, restaurants, and school meal programs. We will deliver the eggs ourselves in a cooler vehicle to all of our customers and we will sell eggs straight from the farm along with farmers markets in Missoula and Hamilton.

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David/Buck Whitmoyer/Lunak
Street Address:
1276 Summerdale Rd.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 803
(406) 459-4487

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Buck N' Dave's Eggs is a local company started by two Montana guys with an idea and dream to stay connected to agriculture and business and offer a healthy product to the public at a fair price. The two owners, Buck Lunak and David Whitmoyer were professional rodeo cowboys that were looking for a new way to make a living, one that was a bit easier on the body. They dug and researched the prospect of raising chickens for eggs and in 2019 they formed their company. They currently run over 2000 birds in Corvallis, Montana in a 80'x300' barn along with a surrounding 20 acres of fresh green grasses and alfalfa with which they rotate their flock. They look forward to providing people with quality hand raised, healthy, pasture raised eggs.

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  • My showroom, Buck N' Dave's Eggs, at
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