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French and English varieties of lavender grown in western Montana since 2001 with no chemicals! My off grid farm is small but planted in a manner that enhances large production. It is harvested by hand, cured and packaged for storage on site. I craft all my product line by hand, ready made to order and easily shipped direct to you unless you catch me in person at a Farmer's Market, Montana Made Fair, or other craft show. Products available: bulk buds, culinary, various sachets, smudge sticks, bruise salve, essential oil, and hydrosol (lavender water), etc!

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Lori Parr
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P.O. Box 583
(406) 396-1514

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Lavender Lori has been growing lavender in western Montana since 2001. She was the pioneer of growing the French variety of 'Grosso' on a large scale and farmed as a share cropper on the entrance drive to TenSpoon Winery in the Rattlesnake until a devastating crop loss due to a freak storm early October '09 wiped out 90% of her crop. She taught herself how to clone plants and did so with the survivors of the original crop, creating a hardier strain. In the meantime of farming she acquired a piece of land in the south Mission Valley which is where she continues with the experiment otherwise known as farming. She has written a book about her experience and in it teaches you how to be a successful lavender grower in harsh climates. "Farming Lavender, Secrets from a Hard Row Hoed" was released in July 2019 and is avialable for purchase by email and She can consult with you about lavender farming. She also has a new website She ships most all products world wide!

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