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waterproof wax includes: -100% Montana raised Honey Bees from Wustner Bros. Honey in Stevensville, MT -Spirit headings and tailings from Montana Distillery in Missoula, MT Leather goods are cooked and transformed at GFG headquarters in Missoula, MT Apparel is printed by the owners of GFG in Missoula, MT

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Zach Gratton
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639 E Sussex

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GFG Montana was created in Missoula, MT. We have created a waterproofing agent out of all natural ingredients, including Montana raised honey beeswax as well as use Montana Distillery spirit heads. Our wax can be used on anything leather, including gloves, saddles, and boots. Gloves are "cooked" at our headquarters right in the heart of MIssoula, MT. Both owners come from families who raise bees and understand the importance of bees to the world. In an effort to curb the massive decline of bee populations, GFG gives a portion of all sales directly to bee conservation programs to make the world a better place.

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