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Streatery is where farmer meets foodie. We believe in challenging the way society has taught us to eat. We believe in maintaining the integrity of local and organic agriculture. The way we maintain and challenge is to promote authenticity and transparency by utilizing local, seasonal and rotational ingredients to prepare creative cuisine. Are you hungry for change?

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Sarah Manuel
(406) 399-3895

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You can dine on delicious ‘strEAT foods’ from our food truck, parked seasonally at Triple Dog Brewing (see our website for the current menu). You can also visit our website to reserve your seats at an upcoming Farm House Dinner, a unique farm-to-table dining experience 9 miles south of Havre. Have an event that needs catering? We cover that too. You can use the form on our website to inquire. You can follow our foodie journey on Facebook: streaterymt and Instagram: @farmer_meets_foodie

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