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Possessing a commitment to quality ingredients and technique in a kitchen that yields almost entirely scratch-made food guarantees our guests' experience of our elevated pub fare as nothing short of both unique and delicious. Our chef has a long-held discipline of sourcing local foods and re-approaching familiar cuisine with an eye for innovation.

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Judith Gregory
Andy Simpson
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2203 Montana Ave
(406) 534-8918

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We want nothing more than to provide our guests with inspired food and drink coupled with a true feel of community. We are seeking perfection which demands continual education and consistent menu adjustments. Check our menu often to discover what is important to us. If there are ingredients or foods you’re unfamiliar with please inquire about them. We haven’t peppered our menu with bizarre or esoteric items simply to stand out. We think that every diner who comes through our doors deserves the best meal possible, and sometimes it takes a novel component to achieve that design. We invite and encourage feedback from our customers, and the public at large, so reach out and ask questions.

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