Key to the Mountain

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Chow chow EnerGhee - a ghee based energy blend BBQ sauce Jams including strawberry and huckleberry Small batch, hand crafted and organic shelf stable foods. In each jar, organic, local ingredients cooked in simple recipes showcase the bounty of Montana's pristine outdoors. We are proud supporters of our Montana community and believe everyone in our supply chain, from the earth to the consumer, deserves to thrive!

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Melissa Kagiyama
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1122
BONNER, MT 59823
(406) 214-0585

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Remember Grandma Hoots Products? Well we are taking over and keeping many of the same recipes for products you've grown to love. But we're adding even more lines. We're also sourcing locally grown ingredients (organic when possible) and even growing our own. We hope to have our organic certification soon.

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