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Girl Ran Away with a Spoon Montana Silversmith's (items marked with Made in USA designation) Local made in Montana items such as pillowcases, small zipper bags, potholders, and toddler blankets

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Sabre Moore
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Located in Ekalaka, Montana, the Carter County Museum (CCM) was the first county museum in the state and the first to display fossils. It was founded in 1936 by the Carter County Geological Society, a group of amateur archaeologists and paleontologists who wanted to preserve and share the world-class dinosaur fossils found in southeastern Montana. Exhibits cover a comprehensive 90 million year history of the region, from fossil dinosaurs from the Western Interior Seaway through the extinction event in the K-Pg boundary of the Hell Creek Formation, Ice Age hunting techniques of paleoindian tribes, and homesteading in the West. Our exhibits include fully mounted skeletons of Anatotitan copei and t. Rex, a complete skull of Triceratops, mounts and casts of pachycephalosaur, mosasaur, and a pterosaur as well as displays on the enduring cultures of American Indian nations in the area, natural history, ranching, rodeo, and the story of life on the Plains. The CCM is a federal repository for state fossils, a sister museum to the Museum of the Rockies, and a member of the Kumamoto Montana Natural Science Museum Association and the Montana Dinosaur Trail.

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