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Native American hand-made fashion clothing, jewelry & accessories.

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Della Stump
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 423
HARDIN, MT 59034
(406) 413-5561

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Owner/Designer ~ Della BigHair-Stump, enrolled member of the Crow Tribe from Crow Agency, MT. Della has been designing native fashion & accessories since 2016. Growing up Della would watch her mother, grandmothers & grandfathers sit around the table beading, sewing, doing feather work & designing/drawing out Crow designs. From these teachings she figured how to combined, both traditional & the modern world together to make wearable fashion. "I always wanted to wear & express who & where I come from. Our tribal designs, colors & beadwork are amazingly beautiful & one of a kind. That is why all my gowns & attire are one of a kind. No two are the same, similar but never the same," said Della. Her gowns & attire have been featured in Teen Vogue, INSIDER, USA New News, Vocally, INDEPENDENT from the UK, Xposer Magazine & Della works from her home in Hardin, MT. Aside from fashion, she is a wife, mother of 3 beautiful children & dancer in the powwow circut. Della now has active apparel wear; leggings, tote bags, cell phone case, flip flops, Fanny packs & etc.. Her wearable art can be purchased from her website: Designs by Della - Apsaalooke Follow her on facebook: Designs by Della Instagram: designsby_della. Twitter: Designs by Della Pinterest: Designs by Della

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