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Jewelry and accessories from the horns of Texas Longhorn Cattle; each is one-of-a-kind.

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Sally Torres
(425) 864-1171

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In 1883 Sally's Great Great Grandparents, William & Louisa Gardiner made their family homestead in North Bend, Washington. 125 years later, her family began raising Texas Longhorn Cattle on that 80 acre homestead. A move to Columbia Falls took place in mid 2017, but we continue to raise Longhorn Cattle. Our process begins by raising our cattle for breeding, horn size and then ultimately beef. Once an animal is harvested, we use as much of them as possible. Horns are used for Jewelry/Accessories and Home decor and their hides are re purposed for displays in our home, shows or sold. Eastonjane takes great pride in our family heritage and farming practices and we hope you enjoy your piece of longhorn legacy.

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