Big Horn County Historical Museum

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We carry Montana products from Fly Vines, Mountain Brooks Studio Pottery, Will James Art Company, Cliff Wittmier Wood Bowls, Sticks & Stones Art, Lee McAllister Jewelry, Moondance Jewelry, Bob Vandersloot Canes, Stacks of Glass, Mark Steven Elk Shoulder Art, Samuel Big Hair Jr. Art, Debbie Zink Indian Dolls, TLS Buffalo Wallets, Whitefish Pottery, Haywood Bigday III Ornaments, Marylou Bigday Indian Dolls, Frontier America, Buckskin Jim Souvenirs, Cool Water Jewelry, Deveer Designs, Kimberly Fassett Art, Making Tracks Cards, Mel Schultz Cards, Madison Whiting Cards, and numerous Montana authors, including Steve Dyche, Will James, Elaine Koyama, Eleanor Lynde, Lorretta Lynde, Stan Lynde, Eric Olson, Aubry Smith, and Dr. Robert Whiting.

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Big Horn County Historical Society
Randy Schoppe
Street Address:
1163 3rd St E
HARDIN, MT 59034
(406) 665-1671

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The Big Horn County Museum has a beautiful 1200 sq. ft. gift shop in the main gallery building. It is well stocked with over two dozen different Made in Montana product lines, as well as many Made in the USA product lines. We have a nice selection of historical books, many which are Montana authors.

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