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Handcrafted Artisan Bar Soaps, Soap Cakes, Cupcakes, Shampoo Bars, Shaving Soap Lotion Bars and Face, Neck, and Body Bars plus Sore Muscle Bars with Arnica Lip Balms Bath Teas made with Redmonds Dead Sea Salt and some Montana wild flowers Beeswax Tart Melts Dog Paw Balm – Products ingredients include local beeswax, USDA certified organic oils and butters, some infused oils, & essential oils. Palm-Free. Colorants are plant based or natural clays. No GMO’s (No Corn, Wheat, Canola, Soy). No artificial preservatives. BPA Free Twist Tube. Scented with essential oils. , Muscles with Arnica, . .

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Chassidy Walsted-Fakler
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615 W Peterson
(406) 560-0721

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Homemade soaps - Lye, distilled water, olive oil, organic Coconut oil, sustainable organic palm kernel flakes, organic sunflower oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, and castor oil. Natural colorants - local beeswax, honey, spices, roots, clays, flowers, leaves, salts, teas, and seeds. Some of the additives in the soap are gathered local. (Sage, Dandelion, Thimbleberry, Stinging Nettle, Leaves) Lotion bars - Local Beeswax, Raw Organic Butters, Infused Oils, Essential Oils, BPA Free Twist Tube. (Unscented Butters, Shea, Dog Paw, and Lavender) Lip Balm - Local Beeswax, Raw Organic Butters, Some Organic Oils, BPA Free Twist tube. Plain or Flavored with Peppermint Essential oil Beeswax candles - Maple wood double wick scented with Lavender Essential oil in glass jar with lid. 8oz and 11.5oz. Bath Bomb Fizzy - I use Baking Soda, Non GMO organic Citric acid, organic Arrowroot powder, Redmond dead sea salt, organic witch hazel and essential oils to scent.

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