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Antelope Santee dolls

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Scott Frazier
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PO Box 618
(406) 647-1824

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Antelope Santee dolls are a product produced by Project Indigenous a humanities base for profit business. Project Indigenous is based in Billings, Montana doing environmental educational outreach. Within the foundation of Project Indigenous is the understanding of supporting the humanities through lectures, workshops, and craft fairs as part of the extended outreach. Antelope Santee Dolls provide education and the importance of crafts as part of Native society. Antelope Santee dolls are one of a kind dolls made from leather. Their clothing does not represent any tribe, or group of people, or from any photograph, but they come from the imagination of the artist. The artist, an enrolled Crow Tribal member, has been crafting Antelope Santee dolls for the past 15 years and can tell you that no two are alike. Each doll has it's own personality, but has no features drawn or sewn on to its face.

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Visual Arts