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Reclaimed wood furniture-Hand crafted, contemporary, unique, tasteful. Reclaimed wood art-featuring "gourmet reclaimed lumber". "Montana Luxe"- commissions with select reclaimed wood prized for its beauty, strength and provenance.

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Robert Bradshaw
Street Address:
30968 Jocko Road
ARLEE, MT 59821
(406) 824-2525

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Merrill Bradshaw LLC/Montana Luxe designs and crafts reclaimed wood furnishings and art using select reclaimed wood prized for its beauty, strength, and provenance. Our products are hand crafted, original, and contemporary. We are strongly committed to rescuing vintage lumber and minimizing waste; the Art of Carpentry.

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Lumber / Wood
Visual Arts

These product are sold

  • At Zootown Arts Community Center in Missoula