Alpha Loading Systems by Bitterroot Tool & Machine, Inc.

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Commercial ammunition loading, priming and processing equipment.

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Randy Jones
Bonnie Jones
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PO Box 130
(406) 777-7096

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There had to be a simpler, safer, more precise, more productive way to produce reliable ammo. There had to be a way to say goodbye to stacked primers and hello to safety and more consistent quality. There had to be a way to produce match-grade ammo at bullet speed, with higher outputs and lower defects. There had to be a way to do things with more craftsmanship, more expertise, more accuracy, more care, and more capacity. There had to be a way to create a company that could answer the needs and dreams and desires of manufacturers who simply wanted to build a better bullet and provide their customers with the best possible product. There had to be a company to lead the way. There had to be Alpha. Leading the way in loading systems. Ensuring a more reliable, more productive, more secure experience for all who choose our machines.

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