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Cold process soaps, lotions, body scrubs and lip products. Handmade natural body products - 100% paraben-free.

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Amber Sikkink
(406) 581-9483

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I have always had a love for all-natural body care products... In particular, I love cold process soaps. It was my love for soaps that got me started with my craft. I wanted to make exactly what I wanted to use. So, I made it my mission to create a soap that was super hydrating and perfect for Montana's dry climate. And, now I'm thrilled to be able to offer my ultra-hydrating soaps and other products on Etsy. I choose only the most premium skin loving ingredients, and everything is handmade by me. I hope you enjoy my variety of products, from soaps to emulsified sugar scrubs to lip balms, all of my vegan bath and body products, are handmade in Livingston, Montana.

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