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Meriwether Metalworks creates one-of-a-kind sculptures of trout, saltwater fish, and birds through a process involving plasma cutting, sculpting, heat patina, rust, and airbrushing. Most sculptures are mounted on aged driftwood, barnwood plaques (such as in the shape of Montana), or custom metal decorative backgrounds (including ones with glass shelves). Signage and custom silhouettes are available for most decorative, residential, or commercial applications. Silhouettes and signs are available in all sizes, and are scaled to meet specific applications.

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Travis Stufflebean
(406) 596-1902

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Owner/artist Travis Stufflebean creates original, metal works of art influenced by his love for the outdoors and personal experiences afield. His imagination is captivated by the endless colors, patterns, textures, and the rugged beauty found in nature. He chooses metal as his primary medium because of its everlasting quality. Adding driftwood or barn-wood to the sculptures not only compliments the piece, but also suggests a delicate balance between industry and nature. Showcase your Lodge, Home, or Business inside or out with a one-of-a-kind, hand-made masterpiece created just a few yards from the Beaverhead River in beautiful Southwestern Montana.

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