Sugar Loaf Wool Carding Mill LLC

Product Description

Wool products including pillows (soft medium and firm) available in queen size and travel/child's pillow; hand tied mattress pads, comforters, lap quilts and baby comforters. Felted wool products including potholders, dish clothes, pet mats and sold as large pieces for making vests or other clothing.

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Ed and Sue James
Street Address:
211 Lower Willow Creek Rd
HALL, MT 59837
Mailing Address:
211 Lower Willow Creek Rd
HALL, MT 59837
(406) 498-0417

Info about this business

Sugar Loaf Wool washes wool three times, rinses, dries and cards the wool into batting. Roving for needle felting and hand spinning. Roving drafts easily making spinning enjoyable for beginners and experienced spinners. Wool is naturally fire proof, resistant to dust mites and bacteria. Wool cushions pressure points, allows air to circulate keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Product Categories

Wool / Hides

These product are sold

  • Online at
  • My showroom, Sugar Loaf Wool, at
    211 Lower Willow Creek RD
    HALL, MT 59837
  • At Mattress Mill in Bozeman MT