Dry Hills Distillery, LLC

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Distilled spirits including vodka, gin, whiskey and bourbon.

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Jeff Droge
Erica Droge
Street Address:
106 Village Center Ln
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106 Village Center Ln
(406) 624-6713

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We are 5th generation farmers from Montana raising the potatoes and mixed cereal grains that are used in all of our spirits. We are making a potato vodka and using this same base for our gin. We wash the potatoes at our packing shed and peel and dice them on site. Our whiskey is mad out of the mixed cereal grains such as hard red spring wheat and malt barley that we raise and harvest. We are purchasing rye from another company in Great Falls until we can raise our own. We harvested corn for the first time last year that will be used in our Montana bourbon. All of the base products will be made from the agricultural commodities that we raise on our family farms. In 1905, the Droge family settled on a Montana farm known as the Dry Hills. Five generations later, the farm raises the signature potatoes and select grains used in Dry Hills Distillery's genuinely handcrafted spirits. Dry Hills Distillery strives to bring you only the best tasting, purest spirits - straight from our farm, to your bottle.

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Beer, Wine, & Spirits
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  • My showroom, Dry Hills Distillery, at
    106 Village Center Lane
    BOZEMAN, MT 59718
  • At TBD in Bozeman