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Live phytoplankton (Genus: Nannochloropsis); a beneficial microalgae found in the world's oceans. Sold in 8oz/16oz plastic, opaque bottles. - cultured from an agar sample using the industry standard Guillard f/2 medium formula to promote exponential growth, high nutrient retention and longer viability. This microalgae is widely accepted as the standard for nutrient retention and longer viability. It is also widely accepted as the standard for reef keeping aquarists, to promote growth and vibrancy of corals, invertebrates and other filter feeding livestock. This live phytoplankton may be used as an inoculant to propagate additional quantities, if desired. Contents have NOT been studied for internal/external use on other than saltwater aquaria. Stainless steel sieves for the use in the aquaculturing of Artemia, Copepods, Amphipods, Rotifers, etc. Sieves are manufactured in four mesh sizes and are stackable. Sieve housing is made of PVC in three sizes.

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David Mercer
(406) 203-7480

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Most people I've met view Montana as natural and wholesome. It is the reputation I strive to achieve in business. Mercer of Montana was formed to provide Montana-made products to the world via ecommerce. These well-made products are aimed at hobbyists and those that appreciate homemade quality.

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