Outlaw Brewing

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Craft beer (over 30 different beers annually) with locally sourced ingredients. Contract brewing. Tasting Room with 12+ beers on tap. Season Specials and Nitro beers.

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Nicole Hough
Todd Hough
Street Address:
2876 North 27th Avenue
(406) 577-2403

Info about this business

Starting in 2011 with a shoestring budget and a 2 barrel system, occupying less than 500 sq ft, we've grown into a 7000 sq ft production brewery in just 3 short years. We produce over 30 different beers annually. We sell our Passive Aggressive Pale Ale, Summit Dog Double IPA and two Seasonal Beers around the state at Town Pump and grocery stores around the state. A locals' favorite, brewery and tasting room, 12+ beers on tap, growlers and merchandise available for purchase. Live music weekly, kid friendly, and food trucks most nights of the week. Open 7 days a week.

Product Categories

Beer, Wine, & Spirits
Taste our Place

These product are sold

  • At Town & Country in Bozeman
  • At Town Pump in Bozeman
  • At Rosauers Grocery in Bozeman
  • At Super 1 Convenience Stores in Helena
  • At The Man Store in Helena
  • At Cats Paw in Bozeman
  • At Roxy's Grocery in Big Sky
  • At Madison Foods in Ennis
  • At Scissor Bill's Saloon in Big Sky
  • At Hungry Moose in Big Sky
  • At Panda Gas Station in Bozeman
  • At Casey's Korner in Bozeman
  • At Wolf Creek Exxon in Helena
  • At Bob's Conoco in Helena