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Hand stamped metal jewelry and accessories made by hand in Missoula, Montana. Each piece starts as a sheet of metal that we cut, hammer, stamp, and finish in our studio. We use many metal types, including sterling silver, copper, brass, and aluminum.

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Ann McIntosh
(406) 219-7997

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At Always There Designs, we create entirely handmade jewelry featuring fun and inspirational sayings, designs, and images to help inspire the wearer. Our goal is to allow you to carry what you love, whether it is the shape of your favorite state, an image that reminds you of your family, or a saying that inspires you, with you wherever you go. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, as well as modern approaches to age-old methods, we handcraft each piece of jewelry ourselves from start to finish in our studio in Missoula, beginning with sheet metal and ending with hand polishing your new piece. Please see website for more information and full line of items, including: handmade hand-stamped metal jewelry and accessories.

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