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Raw Montana Honey - Our honey is pure 100% raw Montana honey, made from nectar collected in the beautiful mountains of western Montana in the Clark Fork River Valley; unfiltered and unheated, leaving all the good stuff in the jar. Honey Skin Care - Handcrafted in small batches (includes, soaps, body oils, lip balm, lotion bars, first aid salve, and honey scrubs) Hindu Hillbilly Farms skin care products are made with high quality ingredients. Beeswax Luminaries - Hindu Hillbilly Farms delicate beeswax luminaries are molded from 100% beeswax. Each bowl is individually handcrafted and unique.

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Kavita Bay
(406) 207-0031

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Rivulet Apiaries & Hindu Hillbilly Farms is a small family owned and operated apiary nestled in the Rocky Mountains of western Montana. It is our mission to strive for environmental sustainability in our beekeeping practices, to educate and foster understanding and appreciation of honey bees through community outreach and youth programs, and to provide the purest quality raw honey and handcrafted products from our hives to our community. We are proud to be members of a growing community of small farmers dedicated to producing local and sustainable products.

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Food & Beverage
Home Décor
Personal Care / Cosmetics

These product are sold

  • Online at www.hinduhillbilly.com
  • At Meadowsweet Herbs in Missoula
  • At Artist Shop in Missoula
  • At Good Food Store in Missoula
  • At Firefly in Missoula
  • At Bozeman Coop in Bozeman
  • At Honey's in Red Lodge
  • At Virginia City Gallery in Virginia City
  • At Rockin Rudy's in Missoula