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Manufactured Milled Log Homes and Cabins: Full Length, up to 60 feet, Log Wall and Gable Manufactured Milled Log Homes and Log Cabins with no "Butt Joints". Hand Crafted Log Homes: Hand Crafted Saddle Notch, Full Scribe and Dove Tail Log Homes, Hand Crafted Trusses, Hand Crafted Specialty Railing, Gazebos and other projects. Timber Frame Homes: Custom Timber Trusses, Custom Timbers - hand hewn and other specialty finishes available, Mantles, Traditional mortise and tenon joinery or steel joinery offered.

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Arthur & Robyn Turner
Street Address:
2036 Hwy 93 N
VICTOR, MT 59875
Mailing Address:
2036 Hwy 93 N
VICTOR, MT 59875
(800) 635-7911
(406) 642-3091

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Montana Custom Log Homes is continuing to make a name for itself in the Log Home and Log Cabin Market. With three divisions under one roof our team creates high end, beautifully crafted Hand Craft, Timber Frame and Manufactured Milled Log Homes and Cabins! Our Long Log Advantage Manufacturing mill produces logs 60 feet long and up to 24 inches in diameter with a full Swedish cope and insulation groove to make the tightest fitting, strongest walls without any unsightly "Butt Joints." Our custom handcrafted and timber frame artisans are proud to offer their skills in creating your trusses and homes for your unique project. In addition to Log Homes and Log Cabins, we supply custom siding and other specialty wood products to the marketplace, both in state and throughout the country. Visit our website for more information and build your "Dream Home" today!! Manufactured proudly in Montana!!

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