Madison Smokehouse

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Handcrafted Smoked Meat Products Jerky, Brauts & Snack Sticks Bacon, Pork Chops & Ribs Brisket & Pulled Pork and much more!

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Chris Gentry
Justin McGauley
Street Address:
4939 US HWY 287 N
ENNIS, MT 59729
Mailing Address:
4939 US HWY 287 N
ENNIS, MT 59729
(805) 296-0311

Info about this business

Madison Foods' in-house smoker is bringing some of the best smoked meats to Southwest Montana. Absolutely 100% of our products are made right here in Ennis. We carefully select the best cuts of quality buffalo, beef and pork to craft our signature products. We take no shortcuts in bringing you our finest quality. Please contact us, or visit our website or Facebook page, if you would like more information.

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Food & Beverage

These product are sold

  • My showroom, Madison Smokehouse, at
    4939 US Hwy 287 N
    ENNIS, MT 59729
  • At Madison Foods in Ennis
  • At Orange Street Food Farm in Missoula
  • At Grizzly Grocery in Missoula
  • At Lucky's Market in Missoula
  • At Lucky's Market in Billings
  • At Missoula Fresh Market in Missoula
  • At Rockin Rudy's in Missoula
  • At Worden's in Missoula
  • At Monroe's High Country Travel Plaza in Helena
  • At Bob's Valley Market in Helena
  • At Heeb's East Main Grocery in Bozeman
  • At Montana Gift Corral in Various
  • At Roxy's Market in Big Sky
  • At The Market Place in West Yellowstone
  • At The Food Roundup in West Yellowstone
  • At McLeod Mercantile in Norris