Grazing Greyn Acres

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Goat Milk Skin Care Products Lotions, Soaps & Lip Balms Shampoos & Conditioners Gift Baskets My skin care items are made with quality goat milk that is high in butterfat and comes directly from my farm, as well as healing essential oils. Lip balms are made with beeswax that is sourced from a producer just down the road!

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Leigh Greyn
Mailing Address:
1460 - 14th Rd NE
DUTTON, MT 59433
(406) 590-7162

Info about this business

Meet Leigh Greyn - I am a stay-at-home mom of two wonderful daughters. We live on a small farm just outside of Dutton. Besides being a mom, I also run our small farm, sew, crochet, do photography and plenty more!! When I purchased my first two goats I just couldn't get enough of these guys. It started with just doing if for the wonderful milk and now for the milk and the love of goats!! Please visit my website and Facebook page if you would like more information.

Product Categories

Gift Baskets
Personal Care / Cosmetics

These product are sold

  • At Big Sky Deli in Vaughn
  • At Old West Lumber in Choteau
  • At Golden Harvest Cafe in Dutton