Montana Secretary of State

Candidate Filing

Corey Stapleton
Secretary of State


Would you like to see how this service works? Try the demo.

The Montana Secretary of State's Online Candidate Filing Service allows you to file your candidacy online as a candidate for a qualified political party, as a minor political party, as a candidate independent of party affiliation, or as a candidate for a non-partisan office.

The service also features an up-to-date exportable list of individuals who have declared their candidacy.

File for an Office:
To begin this service, please select the ‘Start’ button under Forms and Submissions from the main page.  The ‘Select an Office’ page will display  the offices that will be appearing on the ballot along with the appropriate filing fee.     

Once you have selected an office under the ‘Select One’ column, you will be directed to the filing form and may start entering your information.

After the form is completed, select ‘Continue’ to view the verification page. The verification page will require you to verify the information entered. In order to submit the filing you must type your name in the ‘Signature’ field and select the ‘Submit Filing’ button.

The filing fee will now display along with the various payment options.

Select the payment option you wish to use. If you are a registered user of, enter your username and password and the fee will be charged to your account. Alternatively, you may pay by credit card or eCheck. Accepted forms of credit cards are Visa, Mastercard and American Express debit/credit cards.

Enter the required fields and click on 'Submit for Purchase'.

After the filing fee is paid, a receipt will be displayed. Please print and keep a copy for your records.
Candidate filings submitted online will remain pending until processed by the Secretary of State.

Once your filing is processed, your name will appear on the online candidate filing list and you will be mailed a confirmation notice.

Viewing the Candidate Filing List:
To view a current list of individuals who have declared candidacy, select the ‘Start’ button under ‘Candidate Filing List’ from the main page.

The list will display the current candidate status and allow you to sort by selecting a column header.
You can export the list to Excel by selecting the Export this list link.

Filing Forms and Fees:
If you wish to file in person or through the mail, you may print downloadable forms to fill out and mail or deliver in person to the Office of the Secretary of State, along with the appropriate filing fee.

If you have any questions about the online filing system, please feel free to contact by sending a message from our contact page or by giving us a call at 1.406.449.EGOV (1.406.449.3468). You may contact the Secretary of State's office for questions about candidate filing by calling 1.406.444.9608 or by emailing