Medical and eye evaluations are not required at this time. The portal will still require a document upload which can be your identification documents, your application or a blank document. Please see instructions for more information.


For additional help with this service, try the demo.

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License Renewal

Select which type of license you have: standard or commercial. Read the requirements before you begin the renewal. Click "Begin Renewal" to start.

Check Status

You may check your status at any time. Click the "Check Status" button if you like to do so.

Reprint Receipt

If you have previously completed an online driver license renewal with this service, you can reprint a receipt. To do so, click the "reprint a receipt" link.

License Renewal

Renewal Eligibility

Fill out all the required fields. Note: The address you enter must match exactly what is on your current printed license.

Once you have entered all of the required information, click the "Check Eligibility" button. If you are eligible to proceed, you will see a success message. Click "Proceed to upload documentation" to continue. You may not be able to proceed for several reasons. In that case, you will receive an error message with an explanation on why you are unable to renew online.

Upload Documentation

Upload all the required documents listed on the page. PDF, JPEG, and TIFF formats are acceptable. Once you have uploaded all the documentation, click the "Proceed to Payment" button.

Payment Summary

The payment summary page lists all the items for which you are being charged. If you would like more information on the fees, see the fees page. After you review the summary, click the "Proceed to Payment" button.


Your transaction details are also displayed on the payment page. Fill out all the required information under the "Customer Information" section. Once you click the "Next" button, and "Edit" button becomes available and your summary information is displayed. You can edit at any time by clicking the "Edit" button within a section. Once you have filled out and reviewed all the required information, click the "Submit Payment" button.


After you have submitted a payment, you will be redirected to the receipt page. Click the "Print" button to print a copy of the receipt for you records. A receipt will also be sent to the email you provide on the payment page. After you have completed a transaction, you can reprint a receipt at any time.

Check Status

License Status

After filling out all the required fields, click the "Check Status" button. You will receive the following statuses: License, Commercial, Permit, and Medical Examiner Certificate (MEC). You may be eligible to renew online. If so, you will see an alert with the option to proceed to the online renewal process.

Reprint Receipt

Search Transactions

Note: This service allows users to reprint receipts from online renewals. If you completed a transaction at a physical location or by mail, it will not appear in the list of transactions.

After filling out all the required fields, click the "Get Transactions" button. Your list of previous online renewal transactions will be listed. Click the "View Receipt" link for the option you would like to print.


After you have selected the "View Receipt" link, you will be provided the same receipt you receive for the original transaction. You can print this page for your records.

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