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Courtesy Car




Use this convenient service to complete and submit your Courtesy Car Application. You will be stepped through the following pages: Applicant Information, Attestation, and Confirmation.

Please have your airport access code handy when you begin. If you do not have your airport access code, you can request the code be sent to you by filling out your email address on the Access Code page of this application.

Applicant Information

To save you time and effort, the application automatically populates the information the Aeronautics Board has on file for your airport when you type in your access code. You can make any updates as necessary. However, you do also have the ability to enter in information for the first time. You will be asked to supply current information for the Airport’s Primary Owner, Airport Contacts, and Airport. You can also add, remove, or edit current information. When you are finished, click the Continue button. This will take you to the Attestation Page.


Enter your electronic signature on this page, which indicates that the information you have provided is true. The Date Start will automatically populate. Click Continue once you have entered your signature.


This page confirms your submission. From here, you may go back to Registration Home or MDT Home by clicking on the correlating buttons.

Thank you for using this service. We hope that this has made the submission process more smooth and convenient for you. Please click the Feedback page to submit comments about this service.

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