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ACTIVE OFFENDERS: An offender who is currently being supervised by the MT Department of Corrections either in a prison, prerelease center, treatment center, sanction center, or under supervision in the community.

INMATE: offenders who are incarcerated at Montana State Prison, Montana Women's Prison, a regional prison, or a county jail awaiting transfer to a prison. Inmates are either offenders who have been sentenced to serve their time in prison by the district court, parole violators whose parole has been revoked by the Board of Pardons and Parole, probation violators whose probation has been revoked by the district court, or Department of Corrections commitments where the department has determined that prison is appropriate placement for their sentence.

PRERELEASE CENTER: offenders who are housed in one of 5 prerelease centers operated by non-profit corporations under contract with the department. Prerelease offenders are monitored 24 hours a day and include parolees, probationers, inmates and DOC commitments that are appropriate for this type of placement. Prerelease offenders typically hold jobs in the community and return each night for supervision.

ALTERNATIVE SECURE: an alternative to placement in a prison. The offender is placed in a facility that provides sanction for a parole or probation violation, drug treatment or placement assessment services.

ESCAPE: offenders who have escaped from prison, prerelease or other incarceration and are wanted by the Department of Corrections.

INTENSIVE SUPERVISION PROGRAM: offenders who are in the community on intensive supervision. Intensive supervision offenders can be on inmate status, parole, probation, or DOC commitment and are on the highest level of community supervision.

10-DAY FURLOUGH RELEASE: inmates who have been released from prison to find a job and living conditions upon their discharge from custody. Rarely used and is typically for low-risk offenders that are returning to the community.

PAROLE: offenders who have been granted release from their incarceration by the Board of Pardons and Parole. Parolees are on a higher level of supervision in the community and have to follow strict guidelines set by the Board. If an offender violates while on parole, the Board can subsequently revoke parole and return the offender to prison or prerelease.

ABSCONDER - PAROLE: offenders who have fled parole supervision and are wanted by the Department of Corrections.

PROBATION: offenders who have been sentenced to community supervision either through a deferred or suspended sentence. The majority of offenders supervised by the Department of Corrections are probationers.

ABSCONDER - PROBATION: offenders who have fled probation supervision and are wanted by the Department of Corrections.

IN CUSTODY AWAITING DISPOSITION: offenders who are in custody and have been either apprehended for absconding or escaping or have had their parole revoked and are awaiting final judgment.

INTERSTATE COMPACT: offenders who are serving their Montana sentence in another state.

CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE FROM SUPERVISION: As defined in ยง46-23-1020, MCA, 1) a discharge from supervision by the Department of Corrections for the time remaining on the sentence imposed if the probationer or parolee complies with all the conditions imposed by the District Court or the Board of Pardons & Parole; and 2) a release from the obligation to pay supervision fees imposed as part of a sentence or as terms of parole or probation.

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