How Do I?

  1. How do I contact the Commissioner of Political Practices (CPP)?

Call the office during regular business hours; 406-444-2942. Or visit our website.

  1. How do I register as a lobbyist/principal?

Be sure to read the instructions on the application forms first.
Registration is not required for lobbying activity (“to promote, oppose, or modify the introduction or enactment of legislation”) that doesn’t meet a certain threshold. You must register if you:

  • receive payment
  • make payment(s)
  • or agree to make payments of $2,300 or more in a calendar year (excluding reimbursements for personal living expenses.)

In order to complete the lobbyist registration process you must submit the following three items:

  • Lobbyist License Application (form L-1),
  • Principal Authorization Statement (form L-2) and
  • the $150 filing fee.

No licenses will be issued until all three are submitted.


  1. How do I obtain copies of Lobbyist/Principal Financial reports?

Contact CPP. Copies are 10 cents/page. We do not keep cash on hand, so payments must be for the exact amount.

In the future, financial reports will be available from this site.