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Select this box if this payment is being specifically funded by a foreign source (bank or company), or an International ACH Transaction. does not currently accept ACH payments
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  Withholding Tax
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  Corporate License Tax (C-CORP only)
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      Annual Filer December 31
      Fiscal Filer
      Not Applicable
  Liquor Payments
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      Filing frequency for liquor payments:
      Monday Thursday
      Tuesday Friday
Lodging Facilities Tax
Oil & Gas Production Tax
Rental Vehicle Tax
Cigarette Coupon
Brewers and Beer Distributors Tax
Wineries and Wine Distributors Tax
Mineral Royalty Withholding Tax
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By submitting this form, you hereby authorize the Montana Department of Revenue to initiate debit entries to the bank account identified above on your behalf. These debits will pertain only to electronic funds transfer payments you initiate. This authority will remain in full force until you notify us in writing that you wish to terminate the Montana ACH Debit program.